Discover what chorizo ​​is and what are the best recipes to eat it

Descubre qué es el chorizo y cuáles son las mejores recetas para comerlo

The Iberian chorizo ​​is a smoked or cured sausage made of pork and spices, the most characteristic being paprika , which is what gives it its intense red color. Chorizo, depending on its degree of curing, can be eaten in multiple ways : raw, fried, roasted or even cooked.

The origin of the Iberian chorizo ​​comes from the Roman towns where they prepared salty sausages, but the chorizo ​​as we know it today has its origin in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) taking it to Latin America.

The Iberian chorizo ​​is one of the most versatile ingredients of the Spanish gastronomic culture . In Spain it is used from the most complex recipes to the humblest. Some of the recipes for Iberian chorizo ​​or that contain Iberian chorizo ​​are:

  • Chorizo ​​with cider
  • Stewed lentils with chorizo
  • Migas with egg and chorizo
  • Pasta with chorizo ​​and fried tomato

These are some of the recipes with Spanish chorizo ​​that you can prepare at home with very few ingredients, most of them you will have in your pantry or fridge, you will only need a few minutes to prepare them and taste all the flavor of the Iberian chorizo.

Spanish Iberico Chorizo ​​- The Spanish Food Company

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