About us?

Hello, we are Cristina and Jose.

We are two young Spaniards , from the city of Madrid but with origins in different towns in Spain. Our country is known worldwide for its gastronomic products , which come from its diverse landscapes and cities, both inland and on the coast. This gastronomic culture is one of the main tourist attractions that characterize us, and for which we Spaniards are especially remembered and loved.

We consider ourselves in love with nature , and for this reason we enjoy traveling through our territory, discovering the great cultural diversity and gastronomic corners that we have in Spain , from the high mountains to the well-known and attractive beaches. It is precisely from this passion for the varied gastronomic nature of our country that our gourmet products are born, selecting those of the highest quality .

Our goal at The Spanish Food Company is to deliver those very special gourmet products , which artisans and producers make with all their love and daily work, so that we at The Spanish Food Company can take them from their origin to your table.

The Spanish Food Company arose to cross our borders , to share with you the flavors of our land and our sea, and above all, so that you can enjoy them at your table with your loved ones.