The authentic recipe of the Alioli Sauce

Salsa Ali Oli ajo - The Spanish food company
Spanish aioli is one of the most famous and used sauces in Spain, due to its great flavor and versatility when it comes to accompanying different recipes.
Having investigated its true origin, it seems that everything points to it being in the Mediterranean , which is why in Spain we quickly associate it with areas such as Valencia, Catalonia or Murcia. The reality is that this sauce is quite integrated into the gastronomy of the entire country.
When it comes to knowing what the authentic recipe for aioli is, we find different controversies, which are really produced by the imagination that different cooks put into it when giving their personal touch to the recipe. But, what is the authentic aioli recipe? In this it seems that there is no discussion, and it is summarized in something simple: salt, oil and garlic.

Authentic Ali Oli Sauce - The Spanish Food Company

The complex thing to achieve a thick, creamy and delicious aioli is its preparation, which consists of: 
  • Peel and halve 4 garlic cloves.
  • Remove the green part inside the garlic.
  • Cut the garlic into small pieces.
  • Put the pieces in a mortar together with a little salt.
  • Now we crush the pieces until we get a uniform paste.
  • Once we have that pasta that for now only has salt and garlic, we will add the oil little by little, while we will not stop mixing and moving the pasta at any time.
  • We will continue adding oil drop by drop, while mixing until we achieve a uniform sauce.

Original Ali Oli Sauce - The Spanish Food Company

Having a good aioli sauce as an accompaniment will make us enjoy a good grilled meat , some potatoes as an appetizer , or to complement black rice or paella .

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