Sobrasada de Mallorca, discover the star product of the island

Sobrasada de Mallorca sobre una tostada| The Spanish Food Company

Sobrasada is undoubtedly one of the star products of the gastronomy of the island of Mallorca . It is a food that is strongly rooted in the most typical customs of traditional Mallorcan houses, due to the fact that even today there are still families that year after year make their own homemade sobrasada. 

The base of its ingredients is: pork seasoned with salt, red paprika (it is what gives it its characteristic red color) and black pepper, all stuffed into the pig's own casing. But without a doubt, what gives it that special taste and that each one can taste different to us, is the personal master touch of each artisan who makes it. 

From home tradition, but with the possibility of being used as a gourmet and haute cuisine product, is what makes it such a versatile food. It can be used for a simple Mallorcan pa amb oli with Manchego Cheese , or be mixed with the delicacy of organic honey , until it forms part of a dish prepared in haute cuisine. 

Whole Majorcan Sobrasada - The Spanish Food Company

Whole Majorcan sobrasada

Undoubtedly its flavor transports us experiences lived in inland towns, to the point of making us relive that wonderful day on the boat shared with our friends. 

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