Manchego Cheese, the star of Spanish tapas

Queso Manchego - The Spanish Food Company

If there is a hallmark of Spanish identity known worldwide, it is the book by Miguel de Cervantes, "El Quijote de la Mancha". A novel that narrates the exploits of this singular gentleman and his squire Sancho, besieged in the extensive Manchego plain where the well-known Manchego cheese is born.

It is precisely in this Manchego plain where we also find the sheep that produce our famous Manchego cheese , the star of the appetizer tapas that is often accompanied by a good wine.

It is its Denomination of Origin that gives it its hallmark of production and quality. The Manchego sheep , the typical pastures of the Manchego land, the singularity of the climate, as well as the artisan techniques typical of the area, is what gives such a unique character to this exquisite delicacy for lovers of good Manchego cheese.

To know how to identify what we are enjoying in a true Manchego cheese , a series of characteristics must appear on the label. The first one must indicate that it is a cheese made from Manchego sheep's milk , and not from any other type.

Another very important thing is that Manchego cheese can only be made in areas that are classified by the designation of origin, that is, the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo. This must be indicated on the label of the regulating body of the appellation of origin, together with the serial number of the piece of cheese , which will indicate that it has passed a sanitary control and that it is an authentic Manchego cheese. 

Now that you know the aspects that you must take into account to choose an authentic Manchego cheese , we invite you to discover our selection of cheeses specially chosen so that you can taste this great product that so many Manchego families work by hand.

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