Bonito del Norte salad with tomato, onion and avocado

Ensalada de Bonito del norte con tomates, cebolla, aguacate y aceite de oliva virgen extra sin filtrar - The spanish Food Company

The tuna salad in olive oil with tomato and onion is a classic of our gastronomy , found on the menus of practically all restaurants. Each one prepares it with their special touches , and ours is no wonder.

You can prepare this simple Tuna del norte salad with extra virgin olive oil for any occasion , for when you want a quick and healthy dinner or for when you have guests at home and want an easy salad to share.

tuna salad with tomato and extra virgin olive oil - The Spanish Food Company

The secret of this tuna and tomato salad is to use good quality ingredients, which have an exceptional flavor and the dressing, as you only need a little salt flakes and extra virgin olive oil with a slightly more flavor intense than usual , like this one here .

The ingredients that you will need are the following. As for the quantities, it will depend on how many people are going to eat from it, we have made it for a single person:

The preparation is very simple, first, cut the variety of tomatoes that you have chosen and place them on your plate creating a bed of tomatoes. Next, laminate the avocado into more or less thick pieces so that they do not break when placing them or when you mix all the ingredients. Also cut the slices of fresh onion or chives, as thin as possible.

Tuna tuna salad in extra virgin olive oil - The Spanish Food Company

If the onion is a bit spicy for you, when you have already cut it, put it in very cold water for a few minutes and you will see how that characteristic itching of some varieties of onion goes away, but you will manage to maintain all its flavor.

Once those minutes have passed, remove the onion from the cold water if you had put it in, and place it on top of the tomatoes and avocado.

Canned tuna salad with extra virgin olive oil - The Spanish Food Company

Next, add the bonito del norte , but to taste it properly, we recommend that you do not break the trunks, leave them whole as they are in the jar and place them on top of your tomato, avocado and onion bed.

To finish with your tuna salad in olive oil , put salt in flakes and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil , and here do not skimp, the more oil, the better!

Tuna tuna salad in extra virgin olive oil - The Spanish Food Company

With this simple salad you can have very complete dinners in terms of nutrients without giving up the good taste of good ingredients. Enjoying eating is one of the greatest pleasures, and if it is good for our health, even more so!

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